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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 18, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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bridge, which could be sprinkled with a little bit of rain. it is thursday, accept septembe this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. our top story today is the rein, something we haven't seen for months. enough today, christina, to not wash the car? >> yeah. i had so much confidence, i did not wash the car. we need it. our hillsides need it. we're in a drought so every drop counts. we're not getting a lot right now, mostly north of the golden gate bridge but this little cell is starting to move into san francisco so the activity is trending to the south. i want to show you the bay bridge, which is mostly clear. stephanie chuang is on the oakland side this morning. stephanie, how does it look out
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there so far? are people behaving? any wind out there or rain where you are? >> reporter: no, not really, christina. good morning to you. a little slight breeze right now and nothing out of the ordinary. and we are on the dry side here in oakland. nearly 12,000 people actually lost power overnight, mostly in the east bay. i want you to see this video. a lot of this caused by the power pole fires that happened, this one in san pablo. dust buildings up on the poles so when the water hits, it starts a small fire. now overnight and this morning as christina mentioned, we haven't seen a huge amount of rain. there are sprinkles, there were
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in san francisco but there is still enough oil to build up on the roads and make them more dangerous. >> i think that people get caught up in the way that they are used to driving when it's dry weather, especially with all this beautiful weather we've been having. and once the first rain comes and the oil comes, they definitely forget that the road is a lot slicker. >> so he adds that the best rule of thumb is to count 1001, 1002, 1003 in your head after your vehicle has passed a fixed reference point. the more space you give, the better. i have no idea when the wet weather will hit here in oakland, if it will. you know who does is our meteorologist christina loren so i'm going to go right back to her. >> we'll be updating you all morning because there is more rain on the way. the showers are intensifying as we speak and the bulk of
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moisture slated to come through between 7:00 and 9:00. back to you, sam and laura. >> thank you. now to the latest on a developing story. new evacuations are in effect in northern california. fast moving wildfires continue to burn in the sierra. the king fire has burned an area as large as san francisco. kris sanchez joins us with more. >> good morning, sam. you mentioned two more towns were evacuated, these in el dorado county as the biggest wildfire in california history shows no signs of letting up. as folks are forced away from area, they will likely cross paths with the firefighters sent in to help. san francisco, alameda, contra
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costa and others have sent firefighters in to help. the fire has now burned an area the size of san francisco and it's still not under control. >> very explosive fire behavior. however, we live in the mountains, fall is coming, weather patterns can be very variable this time of year. we'll keep our eye on that and adjust our priorities as the weather dictates. >> these are some of the evacuees, both mandatory and voluntary, who are desperate for information about their hometowns and their homes. it was hard for the sheriff departments to keep the maps updated. governor jerry brown secured a fema grant so responding fire
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departments can request 75% reimbursement to cover the cost of the firefight. coming up in the next half hour, we will hear from some of the crews who are gearing up and headed for the inferno. >> we hope folks can get back to their homes soon. >> a south bay neighborhood repeatedly robbed wants to know if you recognize the person taking packages off their front porches. the video is pretty clear. the family having packages stolen three times in the last year and a half. sometimes packages are stolen minutes after being delivered. there's the video. >> they're doing something wrong. they shouldn't do it and they're
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not welcome in this society and there should be no place for them in society. >> this is the crystal clear video i was talking about of the suspect who just walks up to the porch, takes the package and then walks away. ups says when packages are stolen, it becomes an issue between the person who seasnt t package and the homeowner. it's up to the retailer to send another package or refund the money. >> there a proposal saying that an hiv vaccine should be given free of charge. i understand this would be the first city in the world to take on that proposal. >> reporter: you are correct.
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san francisco supervisor scott weiner admitted yesterday that he has been using the anti-hiv drug on a regular basis. he's the first known public official anywhere to make that kind of admission, that he's using this drug that can prevent hiv. studies have shown that daily use of the drug can cut the risk of hiv infection in gay men by more than 90%. the drug has not caught on, however, because of the stigma that it might encourage promiscuity. supervisor weiner says that's bogus, that this is the same argument made about birth control. he went on to write, "there are down sides to being in public health." he timed his announcement to
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show his support for david compos, who is propose that is be provided free of charge to people. and the drug maker has said it will help poor people with the cost. there will be a rally in support of this plan on the steps of city hall at 9:00 this morning, the hearing taking place simultaneously inside. >> it's a remarkable story. thank you, bob. >> it's 5:08. brides to be and her brides maids finally back home in fresno after getting stranded in mexico in hurricane odile. for 48 hours, their families couldn't reach them. they went as far as calling the mexican consulate. finally after 48 hours, they got
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the call they've been waiting for. >> there she is. there she is. >> baby! where are you? you're landing where? you're landing in san diego right now. whoo! >> we're lucky that we actually got a flight out. >> the group apparently put on military planes and eventually flew out of mexico to san diego. in the chaos of the storm, no one could tell worried families with where their relatives were because no one kept lists of who got on what plane. >> this morning flood watches and warnings are in effect for parts of arizona, new mexico and texas. this is overnight video of flooding in el paso. those storms continue to bring heavy rain and wind speeds up to 25 miles an hour. in the meantime, police stopped and questioned anyone they saw on the streets last night to make sure they weren't out to
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loot businesses hit hard by the hurricane. looters have been targeting stores in los cabos since the storm hit. >> as we saw, hurricane odile affecting parts of the country. christina loren looking into that for us. >> we're actually getting a little bit of that moisture as far north of the bay area. it's a storm system that originated in the gulf of alaska that's going to come in today bringing your showers with it. you do want to pull out a jacket, even though it's downright balmy out there right now. san francisco, you've hit your high for today at 5:10 in the morning. as the front comes through, temperatures steadily dropping. and we're tracking those showers minute by minute as they develop.
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showers will in oakland, about 15 minutes away. we'll get a live update from stephanie in moments. drizzle, light showers starting up. the bulk of the moise turs comes through between 7:00 and 9:00. we'll see enough remnant moisture and potentially daytime heating for some thunderstorms to develop up in the north bay. we're not letting our guard down all day long. whenever there's a chance for thunderstorms, we don't take it very lightly around here. as we get into this this evening, patchy fog will develop. at that point we will be finished with this rain event and setting up highs for next week. and even out in the tri-valley,
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only 79 degrees for you today. we'll talk more about that next chance for rain coming up in just a little bit. >> we'll take it over here, christina. we have the earlier sprinkles, wet roads. can you see at the truck scales a little puddling, slick roadways may be an issue. there hasn't been enough activity on the weather index but damp roads in the valley and we don't see any damp roads on the golden gate bridge itself. south 280 at woodside, we saw a crash involving a deer. we may be getting into the mating season where they're distracted by other pursuits. the rest of the bay very smooth, an easier drive past the home of the a's where they'll play at 12:35. back to you. a day game. should be nice. >> the vote today that could
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chang great britain forever. >> but do scots have enough information about what the future may hold? we'll take a look coming up.
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. happening now in scotland, they are voting to determine whether the country should remain part of the u.k. or break from the union. turnout is expected to be high with more than 4 million registered to vote. results are expected to be announced as early as tomorrow morning. the latest poll show a statistical dead heat, one to watch. our own scott mcgrew notes those voters are going to the polls without an answer to what money the country would use. >> it's crazy.
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there's been some criticism that they have not used this. they say scots would never vote yes if they admitted they'd have to use the unstable euro. you tie your fate to other countries using that same currency. that's fine if you're ecuador, whose official currency is the u.s. dollar. it's bad if you're scotland who is tied to the euro in greece. by varying the amount of money in circulation, the fed helps keep our economy relatively stable. you need that to not happen in a different country. in fact, our own central bank and its open markets committee has been really busy.
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for that let's turn to hampton pearson who is live at cnbc's washington bureau. good morning, hampton. >> keep in mind our independent federal bank, tfederal reserve, stayed the course yesterday and futures are higher as investors digested what they heard on wednesday. the central bank will continue to keep interest rates at historic lows long after it ends its bond buying stimulus program next month. the dow ended with its first record close in two months. we get information on unemployment and housing markets later this this morning. and we are all keeping our eyes on what happens in scotland. scott?
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>> all right, hampton, thank you much. apple has a new focus on security this morning. changes in its system means apple can't looks at pictures or texts on your phone, even if it wanted to, which means it cannot supply the government with information on your phone. the key information is "on your phone." once you send it out of your phone, that is different. the celebrity pictures hacked were hacked from icloud. some didn't even know they were
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using the cloud. one person said they even deleted it but it was on the cloud. >> the babe ruth of meteorologists here, christina loren is here. >> the big slugger. >> how many times last season did we see these storm systems just fizzle out before even getting to the bay area? so this time it stuck together, organized and it's moving in as we speak. good morning to you, my friends. light showers arriving in the bay area. as we head throughout your day today, we'll see most of the showers early on. we'll be checking with mike periodically and let you know how your drive is shaping up. as you can imagine, likely to be a slower-than-normal commute.
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>> you can see from our weather underground picture belvedere still mostly clear at this point but things are going to change as we head throughout the next few hours, mark my words, as this cold air trailing behind the front starts to push in. we'll hit 72 on the east shore, 78 in the south bain before that rain-cooled air arrives and then it's going to be pretty nice, feeling like fall for the second half of the day. not officially into fall until we hit 22nd of this month. let's talk about these showers and look at your future cast. you can see heavy downpours on the east short. at that point pretty dry in san francisco. we'll continue to see these on-and-off spotty showers until 9:00 a.m. we could see enough remnant moisture in the north
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day and daytime heating for thunderstorms to fire off. that's what we're watching for in the second half of the day. temperatures will start to warm as we get into your weekend just a couple days away now and monday into tuesday those numbers start to drop off and we bring in our next chance for rain. i love that we have another chance of rain by wednesday at 10:00 a.m. it does look like our pattern is shifting. here's mike. >> about 7:00 we saw what big amount of radar activity right over that upper and east shore freeway. that's what you'll have to watch as the rain comes through over time. we're looking over here toward the bay bridge itself and a very easy drive right now. dry roadways. you see a little glow from these
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lights. we do see low clouds drifting through the area, mist, drizzle. hasn't been a lot of slowing over that span but mist coming across pressure island. you might have to use those windshield wipers. the san mateo bridge shows a smooth drive right now. no delays along that peninsula right now. 280 there were reports of a dear that was hit south 280 at woodside. see this big sign lit up here, the ikea area? i'm looking for all the clues i can. fremont with no delays. that flag blowing around a light breeze, no concern for the drivers. back to you. >> before we let you go, mike, you actually teamed up with the warriors. >> yesterday. that's the biggest lead-in i ever got.
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there's luke walton, son of bill walton from my alma mater. and we had an outstanding time. we read "rainbow fish." that was a treat. and luke walton there does a mean, mean octopus voice, i'll tell you that. read to achieve. we had franko finn. >> and clifford, the big red dog. >> that was a good entrance. you should do that again. >> there he goes. >> 5:23 on your thursday morning. the bay area restaurant that encourages and even rewards you for a bad yelp review.
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the botto italian bistro in richmond said it wants to be the lowest reviewer on the web site. they said they want the low review because they were tired of constant calls advertising calls from yelp. the bistro's owner says business is up and customers are embracing this joke.
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>> and darren of emeryville said, "i have been here at least 20 times. it is so bad i'm going to go back and give them a piece of my appetite." >> the state agency accused of lying to the public. >> plus the latest on the wildfire that burned more than 100 homes and businesses in one california town. >> taking a live look outside. could the metering lights be on? the rain that christina's been telling us about, predicted. right yet again.
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at shell, we believe the world needs a broader mix of energies, to move, to keep warm, to make clay piggies. that's why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go.
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we've been patiently waiting for our rainy season and this morning the first showers have
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arrived. we have so much to go over in your microclimate forecast right away. >> and we're watching the bay bridge for transition. >> plus pg&e facing the possibility of millions in new fines this morning. the evidence that some say proves the utility was shopping for supportive judges. >> and more than three year after being convicted of obstruction of justice, barry bonds fights to clear his name today. >> great news, how much, when and where? we'll check in with christina. this is thursday, september 18th. this is "today in the bay." >> a good thursday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. a live look at san francisco
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this morning. rain is moving into the bay area, making some roads slick. be careful out there. >> first, an update to a developing story. bay area firefighters are on standby as a dozen fires continue to scorch california, the largest burning near the sierra town of pollock pines has destroyed an area the size of san francisco. we have the latest on the efforts to tame this fire. kris? >> imagine the entire area of san francisco burned, absolutely gone, and two more towns were evacuated in el dorado county as the king fire shows no signs of letting up. this so-called rainbow team is named that because it is made up
5:32 am
of firefighters from different departments. they don't joanly work together but they're pros and they hit the ground running. >> like nervousness. i don't have any anticipation. i just know i have to be prepared to deal with the unexpected. >> that strike team will be joined by other bay area firefighters from cal fire as well as the county departments of fire for santa clara county, alameda, contra costa and others. santa clara county fire sent a public information officer to help get the information people were desperate for. it was even hard for the sheriff's department to keep the maps updated because the fire was moving so fast. governor brown is securing financial help as well. coming up, how much the federal
5:33 am
government will pitch in to pay for that firefight that seems like there's no end in sight. >> truly a team effort. thank you, kris. it is a different story in the small town of weed where crews appear to have the upper hand on a smaller but more destruct of fire. the boles fire destroyed more than 150 homes and businesses. officials are offering a $10,000 reward for any information on what sparked the fire. >> for everyone in the bay area, that much-needed rain finally following. >> good morning to you. we're going to see showers all across northern california today where both of those fires definitely need that relief. so showers on the way. we're looking good in the bay area for some very light activity for your morning drive. potentially we could see thunderstorms later on today but
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any rain is a welcomed sight here in the bay area. we're still officially in summer sometime as well and this is not our only chance for rain. i'm also tracking an interesting setup for the second week of october. it does look like our pattern is starting to shift in the right direction. these showers are light right now, we're just getting going. we're expecting the bulk of the moisture between 7 and 9. we've been checking in with stephanie chuang all morning long. looks like you have droplets on your lens out there. >> yeah, a little activity. you can see traffic is starting to build here on the bay bridge as mike referred to earlier. the warning is for drivers to slow down. they're having some problems off the road, a major cause power
5:35 am
pole fires. we're talking about power  outages. the one in san pablo overnight, not huge flames but plenty of sparks flying off. dust builds up on the poles so when the rain hits, it does start a small fire. small outages in pleasanton, albany, all the way down to sant be a cruise. no estimated time when power will be restored in those areas. even if there's little to no rain, the ground can still be very slick. so be even more careful this morning on the roads. >> all that oil will percolate up on the roadway, it going to be a loss slicker. we just ask that people give themselves adequate space between the front of their vehicle and the car ahead of
5:36 am
them. >> not just more space giving you better drive this morning, but give yourself more time as you leave your home for your usual commute. again, a light drizzle. it just picked up a few minutes ago. i understand from christina that we're supposed to see more of this later on this morning. i'll send it back to you for all the details. >> thank you. you will get a little more action between 7 and 9 a.m. it's great to have her out there before you leave to give you that warning. some great benefits about this rain, can you give your sprinklers a break today, give your car a free wash and our hillside will definitely reap the benefits. here's mike to give you all the details. >> we'll look at the bay bring toll plaza where we have the backup surrounding the cash lanes. we have a little bit of glow
5:37 am
here to these lights. you see all this area? we do have some moisture in the air. but we've turned the emory that are not yet on. we see the backup forming here. chp reported some roadway flooding in the area. roadway flooting is a little dramatic. there may be some damp roadways. you saw all the moisture there at the golden gate bridge. as best i can tell there are no windshield wipers from folks coming from the north bay. san rafael, we do have some rain that has hit that area. just be careful, slick roadways after a long dry spell like we've had mean a lot of grease and oil on the roadway drifting up. there are no crashes reported
5:38 am
just north of 680. back to you. >> thanks a lot. 5:37 right now. pg&e could be facing millions in new fines if new accusations prove true. an administrative law judge has ordered the company to answer to charges that it argued to have a judge stick they are accused of bombarding the court with e-mails, urging them to point a specific judge. >> now, a lobbying effort actually broke any laws. if so, pg&e could face millions in fines. the utility says it's reviewing the judge's order. the company already hoes $1.4 billion related to the explosion. it is appealing that fine.
5:39 am
>> and more questions surrounding a key employees who recently resigned from the public ults commission. carol brown, the chief of staff for commission president michael peavy had resigned over her peeve is but she remiennds -- tt would give her direct power to regulate pg&e. brown was asked to design after access to e-mails after what some call an uncomfortably friendly relationship with the puc and. >> just last year a three-judge panel from the same court upheld the position.
5:40 am
a hearing is set for 2:00 p.m. today in san francisco. >> it's 5-check 39. will they use your money to battle isis? the senate expected to decide today whether to arm syrian rebels. >> plus another nfl retch this time it involves an 18-month-old child. the swift action his team took. coming up next. >> got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? >> the the unit. >> nbc bay area, we investigate.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> a very good thursday morning to you. it is 5:42. today we could find out whether the u.s. government will use tax dollars to send weapons to syrian rebels fighting isis. what's the chance this will actually land on the president's
5:43 am
desk? >> reporter: laura, it's a good question and it's a fairly good chance that the senate does what the house did yesterday. we saw democrats and republicans come together, the majority of them, and say, yes, we should send those weapons to the syrian rebels to fight that ground war against isis. there's more debate happening today in the senate, and, yes, there is opposition from people who said -- and i'm quoting one lawmaker here -- those who are allies today could end up being our enemies tomorrow. we're expecting secretary of state john kerry to talk about the 40 countries that have signed on to help in this fight. >> thanks so much, trace ooe potts. >> the league is spending as
5:44 am
much time watching at i rest logs as it is -- >> a $25,000 bond was set late last night. following his arefs, he was deactivated against p by the cardinals, meaning he will not be playing sunday against the 49ers. the assaults allegedly happened in july but were only reported to the team this week. this latest incident is adding more pressure on the 49ers to deactivate ray mcgonld who was arrested last week on fell -- but several say that stance is not good enough.
5:45 am
>> our code says innocent until proven guilty, due process and all of that. but the fact is, he shouldn't have played. >> congresswoman jackie pear also weighing in. she's asking that all players arrested for domestic violence immediately be suspended. the carolina panthers have also deactivated greg hardy. hardy played in the first panther. and the minnesota vikings are now apologizing for how they handled the adrian peterson situation. the team initially deactivated the star running back, then reinstated him and then bunched him own on later last week, the
5:46 am
fond several mosquitoes carrying the west nile virus in this area. the fogging will begin this evening. >> west nile mosquitoes were found in foster city, belmont, red wood city, redwood shores and san mateo. this highlights where crews will fog on the peninsula tonight at about 5:00. >>. >> finally we got some rain but don't want continue to variety those mosquitos to town, my friends. and always remember they like to come out same time as a lot of the wild animals here in the bay
5:47 am
area, dusk and dawn for their feeding. those are the times you really want to watch it. wear long sleeves or repellant. good morning, san jose, you're at 69 degrees. it feels kind of like florida when you walk out your front door morning. we're starting out with widespread 70s out there as we head throughout the day to the, we're nod as a widen out, not a lot of action here in the south bay but we're getting some steady drizzle over the mountains. if you take 17 this morning, you'll want to take it easy. we stopped the clock for you at 9:00 a.m. bulk of the moisture coming through at that point. stopped that clock again at 2:00. you can see things starting to
5:48 am
letup and then all 70 degrees right now in the south bay. we'll heat76 degrees. 72 on the east shore. for the week, friday, saturday, sunday finishing off your work with temperatures in the low 80s. this weekend looks good for the mid 80s. we'll start to take those numbers down as we get into next week. our next chance for rain looks like wednesday early. he's checking your drive. >> and a follow-up to your talk about the santa cruz mountains, i'm checking both systems for that side of the summit -- san rafael probably had some rain earlier. there's a spin-out reported northbound on 101.
5:49 am
as you countercommute there, the distraction is causing. another spinout, watch for slick roadways but nothing major as far as a slow down. we do see some slowing kicking up for the morning commute as well. typical pattern for the tri-valley. nothing unusual there. for the rest of your bay area, looking pretty normal. also our rails are moving smoothly for our transit system but if there's enough rain to slick those tracks down, we will track delays as well. and the bay bridge, i can't see the rain because it's could have had with the cars, the metering lights are on. no wuz ls rao. >> a family is sharing their
5:50 am
1-year-old child's amazing story of survival. they were inside their home when a flash flood hit. before they knew what was happening, five feet of water was in their home, so much so that a wall collapsed and a 1-year-old boy was swept out of his room. >> my friend came through the window, busted if and pointed out, duty, your son owes over there. s >> the home was destroyed but incredibly, the boy had no injuries, especially after being swept and you barb wired fence. >> and a sour taste in the south bay with a rare tech layoff. we'll take a look coming up. you used to sleep like a champ.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> how's this for a sweet treat? ma mars, inc. is giving $40 million to establish a new institute dedicated to looking into sustainable food, agriculture and health as well. >> a shake-up meanwhile at one of san francisco's most innovative food firms. >> hampton creek trying to replace the chicken egg with a plant-based material. it's making news because one of
5:54 am
its executives is leaving the company less than 14 days after he joined it and with no explanation. this grabs our attention because hom ton creek is funded by the richest man in asia and the richest man in the world, bill gates. air bnb said it going to make good on a promise this year and start charging hotel tax starting in october. that means your bill will go up. the problem is the number of landlords in major cities who turn l apartments in a few days than they used to charge in a month really for rent. i mentioned some layoffs. we'll get to it coming up at 6:15. >> that is amazing.
5:55 am
if you haven't seen it yet, get ready. the tonight show has a segment of newscasters delivering stories that we wish were true. >> last night featured one of our own anchors. >> a dog is doing well after it ate 43 socks but that's okay because he's such a good boy, such a good widdle boy. who is a good news? he is. >> roger is a friend of mine. >> he's so good at that. do you think he's used that line before? >> i can't wait to see his reaction to that. we're tracking showers on the radar this morning. want to make sure you're aware of this and that you grab your umbrella, or at least a rain
5:56 am
jacket before you head out to work. heaviest moisture comes through 7:00 and 9:00. we're going to clear you out toward the second half of the day. we're go going to talk about that later on this afternoon. we'll talk about that now, though. >> i was hoping you were going to say thunder boomer. i like that phrase. over here toward the bay bridge we have the metering lights on. palo alto we did just have the roadway getting a little more damp. i told you i was going to watch for this, you see more water, more glow and our camera freezing. th that. >> that's not the only problem
5:57 am
out there. sprinklers with some power problems. the overnight rained turned out the power for thousands of customers. >> and the local lawmaker that wants to provide all of san francisco with a controversial hiv-prevention drug free of charge. >> has this happened to you? packages disappearing off front pore chess just minutes after the delivery. [ male announcer ] welcome to no man's land.
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it's a place you've been before, but it's not on any map. so go out there, lose yourself, and find the truth. ♪ we're all born wild. ♪ let's keep it that way. the 2014 4runner. toyota. let's go places.
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right now at 6:00, power out a outages and slick roads. >> early next week, more rain on the way. your full microclimate forecast is in just moments.
6:00 am
>> and have used the wipers on the lenses for this update. how the weather is affecting your drive coming up. >> plus governor brown declares a state of emergency. and a live look skrut side opinion. >> yeah, love that rain that's falling on this thursday, september 18th. this is "today in the bay." a lovely thursday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with that microclimate forecast we're talking about. >> as rain hits the bay area, here's a look at san rafael where sprinkles have been falling all night and san jose,


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